Accessibility Policy

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Line Leader Pediatric Therapy ADA Accessibility Policy

Line Leader Pediatric Therapy is comprised of college trained, and licensed professionals, as well as support staff, who have devoted their careers to helping those with developmental or any disability. Line Leader Pediatric Therapy is devoted to helping pediatric patients and their families. Line Leader Pediatric Therapy strives to provide a website that is easy to use and accessible to all users, those with and without disabilities.

Line Leader Pediatric Therapy informs all employees about the challenges faced by users with and without disabilities; and as stated above, we have studied at a college level about the medical and social implications of living with disabilities and how to best help those with disabilities. Line Leader Pediatric Therapy believes that when the challenges confronted by disabled users are known, solutions can be incorporated into the continuous research and development of the Line Leader Pediatric Therapy Internet site. To this end we provide our employees with information describing the challenges faced by members of the disability community when attempting to access software applications, the internet, other applications, and other information technologies. Line Leader Pediatric Therapy educates our employees with respect regarding how assist users with and without disabilities. Line Leader Pediatric Therapy values feedback from all members of society including those with and without disabilities. We do not discriminate.

If you are having difficulty using our website or have recommendations for improvements, please contact us in a manner that is most conducive for you. Options include: by phone 512-291-2669; by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or by mail 3303 Northland Drive, Suite 312, Austin, TX 78731.