What to Expect

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The first step for receiving therapy services at Line Leader Pediatric is to contact our office manager at 512-291-2669. We will gather important information about your child to learn what is unique to your child and what is most important to you. We will also gather insurance information and Kathy Jackson will verfiy your insurance benefits. Kathy can be reached directly via 512-267-2614.

Your child will then receive a skilled occupational, physical, or speech therapy evaluation. These evaluations consist of standardized assessment tools (including objective measurement of various skills), clinical observations, and parental report. If appropriate and desired by the parent, teacher input will also be obtained. Line Leader utilizes the best standardized measures available, as well as highly skilled interpretation of the whole child.

Following completion of the occupational, physical, or speech therapy evaluation, a detailed report will be provided as well as an opportunity to discuss the evaluation results with the evaluating therapist. A personally tailored plan of care that most optimally helps your child and promotes whole family function will be established. At Line Leader we put your child first while respecting the cohesion of your entire family unit.